Food Feud

During the entire week of Earth Day, Green Goblins was proud to host Green Week, and in honor of this very important holiday, we were pleased to introduce Food Feud! All three St. Stephen's lunches battled head-to-head all week to see who could waste the least amount of food. We measured all the food waste and then composted all of it. In 2012 alone, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that Americans threw away approximately 36 million tons of food. This number is shocking and we wanted to spread awareness of just how much food waste is actually produced by our very own school, St. Stephen's. The results:
Middle School Total: 85 lb 9/10 Total: 80 lb 11/12 Total: 141 lb
School Total: 306 lb
The winner of Food Feud was the 9/10 lunch and Green Gobs threw them a desert party to celebrate. These numbers were quite large and definitely a wake-up call, and Green Gobs hopes that everyone will be more conscious about the waste that they produce in the future.

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